English and it’s colloquialisms

English never ceases to amaze you. No, English is not normal. In fact, it is weirder than pretty much every other language. English speakers know that their language is odd. So do people saddled with learning it non-natively. The oddity we come across most readily is its spelling. For normal languages, spelling pretends to portray the way people pronounce the words.But English is not normal.

One fine day, while I was picking up quirky fridge magnets at a shop, it struck me that the word “fridge” has a ‘D’ in it but the word “refrigerator” doesn’t. I kept pondering as to why there would be a difference in the spelling when fridge is just a shorter version of refrigerator.

I started searching for answers and finally came across the abstractness of English language: colloquialism. Here’s an explanation:

Colloquialisms are formed out of big words by shortening them, thus the general trend is to preserve part of the pronunciation. In this case, when ‘refrigerator’ became ‘fridge’, the idea was to spell fridge in a way that would make that sound represented by ‘frig’ in ‘refrigerator’.

Now, we know that ‘frig’ will never be pronounced as ‘frij’, and adding an ‘e’ at the end only makes matters worse. So they went with ‘fridge’ as the spelling to make the correct sound. When it comes to colloquialisms, the sound is replicated, not the spelling.

Fun fact: Glenn McGrath is nicknamed ‘pigeon’ by his teammates, and called ‘pidge’ on the field. He even uses this spelling ‘pidge’ on the back of his jersey.

Thus English is a peculiar language and it’s spelling is only the beginning of it. Food for thought: The irony of the word “lisp” and the man who invented it. Let’s keep that for another session!



Part 1: Get yourself checked

I looked at the brown-grey structure in front of me as the worker smeared a little more cement on the sides of a pillar to keep it from falling apart. I sensed it: it was hurting again. I ignored the pain and focused on the work at hand. The house was finally getting the structure as I had planned. The long balcony looked aesthetic. We will have our evening tea sitting on those small chairs in this balcony.

A shout from one of the workers broke my reverie. I looked at my watch. It was fifteen minutes past six. Piya is coming home today after two months. I need to pick her up from station and while coming back I can pick up maa’s medicines from the local pharmacy near the station. I sat for a while and waited for the pain in my chest to sudbue. It seemed to bother me once in a while. The painkillers don’t seem to alleviate it. Maybe I need to consult the doctor once I am done with the house. They said it will take another two months to complete it.

I had taken a house loan from the bank which I had to repay as soon as possible. Had I informed my family about the chest pain, they would refrain me from going to work and make me abandon my plan of building my own place and I could not risk leaving all of it halfway. I dismissed the thought and started to walk back to my car. I will have to come back tomorrow to oversee the progress again…

Two months later:

I sat across the doctor’s revolving chair, my hands closed in a tight fist. The doctor was done examining the dark protruding lump on my left breast. He seemed pretty cross with me while scanning the reports. He said, ” What have you done to yourself? Why haven’t you got yourself checked earlier?”

With a final sigh he looked at me, ” What I am going to tell you is very serious. Please listen to me very carefully.  You need to be strong. You have ignored the pain for so long. It is in the final stage now.”

For a moment I could feel my body go numb. I was lost and helpless. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t hear my voice come out of my mouth. I could feel myself trying to grasp the answer to one question “why me?”.

After what felt like long hours, I picked up my phone and called my daughter, Piya. I could hear her on the other side. With all the courage I could muster at that moment I spoke up, “I HAVE CANCER.”




A letter to the guy who let the nice girl go..

This has somehow become the norm of our generation. The nice girl loses the guy for exactly what she believes in.

And guess whats the worst part: if she is the nice girl, she is supposed to lose the guy, no matter what and she wouldn’t say a word about it even when he walks out on her. She will accept it as something he really wanted in his life and tell him to take care of himself even after what he did to her. And he will walk away thinking what better has life in store for him: what if the next one is still better.

Today, on behalf of all the nice girls out there, this is to the guy who walked out on the best thing that ever happened to him..

Dear guy who walked away,

Its not as if you didn’t know what you are getting yourself into. She proved you time and again, that she was nice, an angel. She trusted you with all she had in her and gave you what she could whenever she could without you uttering a single word.

The nice girl believes in doing things with integrity. She believes in love. She was there when you needed her to be, and even went out of her way to make sure that you knew how much you could mean to someone.

She literally picked you up from the mess you were in and made you believe in love again. She stood with you when you yourself were not ready to trust yourself with love. She helped you develop trust and faith even when you thought these words did not exist in your dictionary.

In this generation, all we think is love as a game where you have to wear masks and play parts to survive the battlefield called dating. Today, words like “giving it your all” have somehow ceased to exist. We like quotes on facebook and post status on Instagram stating that we want “pain as pleasure out of love”  one day and romance the next. We play the games where playing hard-to-get is our number one priority. There is no place for genuine, sincere love. What has love degraded into?

I thought the ultimate goal of love was to see your future with that one person and eventually settle down. I mean what is the point of dating if you have no desire for it to go anywhere? If you are looking for the initial excitement of “boy-meets-girl(teenage fascination)”, leave the good girls alone and toy within the level you have laid foundation of.

Save your time and energy because the good girl will never make it easy for you to just walk away. The good girl still cares and so she would want an explaination from you even though she knows it will be nothing more than a bunch of crap.

Every guy says that he likes the b**ch because she is the challenge- the one he needs to impress all the time, the one he needs to prove all the time, the one he needs to say sorry all the time even if it isn’t his mistake.

Have you ever thought maybe you are the guy who needs to learn how to feel again?

Maybe you are the guy who needs to learn what love is; what love is not. If love is all about impressing and completing a challenge, where is the place for happiness? Where is the place for peace? Where is the place for true joy where you don’t have to pretend and just be yourself?Where is the place for transparency and friendship?

You went through something, like we all do and because of it you changed. She broke your heart and walked right over it. But then the next b**ch didn’t fix it. She kept it the same or made it worse. Her priority was not you and could never be you. So now you are bitter and closed down and incapable of feeling anything more than the excitement in chasing and one-night stands.

I wont deny that the b**ch is fun or that a good time isn’t promised with her. But all these things said and done is it ever going to be more than just a good time? Probably not..

In fact, she has a charm about her and it might be this charm you are justifying to chase. But probably its the same quality that ended up hurting you in the past. Whenever you wanted fun, you pushed a good girl away and whenever you were lost she held you hand and pulled you in even more so that you don’t feel empty ever again.

She ignored your fears and weaknesses and loved you in spite of your faults. She forced you to grow and be a man: brought you closer to your family, made you open up to your friends, brought you closer to your passion when you were too lost and busy to write them off. She forgot her desires and wants and focused on everything you needed.

And then you walked away because she was too safe, too comfortable and peaceful to be with, because she was too nice.

She gave you too much of what you wanted and life somehow got too easy and happy. You wanted conflicts, pain, hardship as if  everything else in life did not promise you an endless journey of just that. And this is where you horribly failed. You broke her heart, broke your promises, broke her trust in the most horrible way you could.

But the good girl chose to stay just the way she is even though she has broken down from inside. So she let you walk away and called it a day even though she knew she cant protect you anymore from what you have chosen for yourself.

What you don’t know is that someone else out there, he won’t be as foolish as you. When you realise all you wanted was the nice girl who cares about you, it is going to be too late. Some other guy will be able to see how awesome she is and he wont waste a minute to persue her, grab her and keep her for life.

So you lost your “pretty woman” and to her your were her “Hugh Jackman”. She wanted to give you the love which our generation has failed to understand: the meaning and depth of that love. But girls like her don’t happen everyday; they happen never.

She was the girl you were supposed to end up with, who made everything in your life change, made them more beautiful. But now you proved you don’t deserve the nice girl because you have failed in her eyes and  have lost every bit of respect she had for you. That you are not worth of true love.